These are fully functioning, unlimited use, Odoo systems. Please follow the steps below to get your own installation for evaluating OpenERP.

  1. Send Simprocity an email with your contact information and let us know how we can help you evaluate Odoo.
  2. Read the Installation Instructions.
  3. Optional – Download VMWare Player. (Only necessary if you don’t have Virtual Machine software on your computer.)
  4. Download the Odoo (or OpenERP) Server Virtual Machine –

Odoo Server 8.0 which includes:

Ubuntu 14.04 amd64 Server
Odoo 8.0 Server
Odoo 8.0 Web Client
Odoo Report plug-in for LibreOffice


OpenErp Server 7.0 which includes:

Ubuntu 12.04 i386 Server
OpenERP 7.0 (3/16/2013) Server
OpenERP 7.0 Web Client
OpenERP 7.0 Report plug-in for LibreOffice