quotation mark beside Simprocity TestimonialA few years ago as the IT Manager for a tier 1 automotive supply company we embarked on a massive Enterprise Resource Planning implementation. The project consisted of running MAPICS on an AS-400 i-series system and providing training to our staff.

As a consultant with O’Mara Partners, Mr. Portenlanger was the project leader responsible for overseeing the implementation. Corporate executive staff mandated that we get it implemented in 7 months, normally a 12 – 18 month implementation. With his expertise and professionalism we were able to meet their deadline. Mr. Portenlanger was on-site nearly the entire time and when he wasn’t able to be there he always made himself accessible to answer questions or respond to any issues that arose.

Because of Dan’s attention to detail and his drive to complete tasks on time, I highly recommend him for any future projects in System design and implementation. He has a wide range of skill sets with regard to Information Technology and possesses extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process.”

– RK

quotation mark beside Simprocity TestimonialIt is my pleasure to commend the professional services of Daniel Portenlanger to you and your company. We first met Dan in 2008. IHT Corp had purchased a comprehensive and multifaceted job shop management computer software package called Visual Shop. However, we lacked the expertise necessary for set up and implementation. The Visual Shop personnel recommended that we bring Dan in to help us not only set up the program to fit our unique application, but also develop a business plan to launch it.

From the very start, Dan was the consummate professional. He came in with the technical know how and the practical business sense to shepherd us through the entire process. Before we started, Dan charted the course and explained the steps we would take to prepare the launch of the new product. Dan was hands on from the beginning and had the confidence to manage the project while also directing our diverse team toward the end goal. At the time of launch we not only had a complete system built to handle the production from order entry to invoicing, but we also had work instructions written for each and every aspect of the program.

On launch day, Dan stayed at IHT for 24 hours straight while we took all three shifts into the new system. The result? Simply, gold. We would never believe that a project this enormous with such dramatic changes in procedure, practice and tools would go so smoothly if we had not experienced it first hand.

The rapport Dan built here is strong and IHT uses Dan as a computer software consultant and business reporting specialist. With Dan’s help IHT has been able to create reporting models capable of steering the operational and fiscal future of the business as well as tracking profitability, efficiency and utilization of the production floor assets from employee to work cell. In addition, this year Dan designed, configured and implemented a complete computer hardware upgrade providing IHT room to go grow for years to come and greater backup capability than ever before in our 60 year plus history as a company.

Dan brings an effective gift mix to the table that is by far unmatched in other professionals we have dealt with in the past. Team Building; Project Management and Implementation; Business Report Writing together with Technical Expertise all working together to move the company forward to the goal. It is my privilege to recommend Dan Portenlanger to you for your business needs. We could not be happier with the working experience we have with Dan and we are assured that you will have the same opinion.”

~ Neil Lindwall
IHT Induction Heat Treating
Operations Manager

quotation mark beside Simprocity TestimonialI have worked with Dan over a period of a few years. He was brought in to my company to help us with an ERP migration. On a scale of 1 to 5 where 5 is excellent, I would rate his ability to learn new techniques, to learn legacy applications, his interpersonal skills, his presentation skills and his ability to work closely with senior staff all as 5’s. I’d recommend him and work with him again in a heartbeat.

Dan has such a broad knowledge of many ERP systems as well as integration, websites and all facets of IT. He is a rare hybrid with knowledge in application development as well as business intelligence, project management, and infrastructure (LAN/WAN). He has tremendous energy and worked tirelessly to get any issues fixed. He is very intelligent and I’m very, very impressed with his high integrity.

– GG, Director IT

quotation mark beside Simprocity TestimonialMy name is Cathie Feiferis and I am the founder of Tech Knowledge Partners, LLC. I have had the pleasure of working with Dan Portenlanger in various capacities since approximately November 1999.

Our business relationship started with an ERP implementation at R.G.Ray. Dan was the IT manager and main contact for the implementation and I was the lead technical consultant. The implementation went flawlessly under his watch and attention to detail. He pulled all resources together and kept us all on track.

Dan then left R.G.Ray and started on his own as an IT consultant. We’ve worked on many projects together. Projects he’s brought me in on and projects that I’ve requested his assistance on.

I have always found him to be very professional, organized, tactful, easy to communicate with and detail oriented. Regardless of any deadlines or IT pressures, Dan has always delivered and gotten the job done.

While Dan’s skill set resides primarily on servers, windows, Linux, Unix, he is not limited by any platform. If he doesn’t know it, he learns it. He takes the initiative and gets the job done.

Dan also watches out for his customers. If he knows you have a business need or limitation, he will research it to its fullest. If the answer is not available or something that doesn’t fall within a customer constraints at the time, he’ll keep it in mind. It’s not unusual to receive an email or phone call from Dan, months after an engagement, telling you about new software or a new technology that fulfills your business need.

Dan Portenlanger would be an asset to any IT project that you have. Whether it be project management, project design, coding or installation services, he will deliver.”

~ Cathie Feiferis
Managing Member
Tech Knowledge Partners, LLC